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Our Team.

Our Team: The Artists of Style


At The Barber Parlor, we are more than just a barbershop; we are a team of passionate artists dedicated to the craft of creating exceptional styles. With a perfect blend of youthful talent and seasoned expertise, our barbers Mahfoz Adeeb, Ali Ayoubi and Spencer Mihalis bring their unique skills and artistic flair to every client's experience.

Mahfoz Adeeb, our owner and seasoned professional, carries with him a wealth of experience in the industry. His love for his job shines through in every meticulously crafted haircut. Mahfoz's mastery of traditional barbering techniques and his deep understanding of classic styles guarantee that you'll leave his chair with a timeless and distinguished look.


Ali Ayoubi, our young and talented barber, infuses his passion for his craft into every haircut he performs. His fresh perspective and knowledge of the latest trends ensure that you'll receive a modern and stylish look that perfectly suits your individuality.

Together, our team at The Barber Parlor is committed to providing an exceptional grooming experience for each and every client. With attention to detail, precision, and a genuine love for our craft, we take pride in transforming your vision into reality. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we strive to exceed your expectations during every visit.


When you choose The Barber Parlor, you can trust that you're placing your style in the hands of skilled artists who are passionate about their work. Join us today and experience the expertise and artistry of our team as we create the perfect style that showcases your unique personality.


Meet the Team

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